Ship Recycling – Multiple Hits Vol. II

Common sense. Two simple words that can radically change a way of thinking. Something that hits your door more than once deserves your attention. Within less than a year, ship recycling continuously requests to be praised like it should.

First, the facts, as noted in previous article (

Countries having ratified HKC

  • Norway
  • Congo
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Panama
  • Turkey
  • Denmark

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Denmark ratifies Hong Kong Ship Recycling Convention. But what is next?

2017 gives the pace: Recycle to Roll.

First, we had the EU list – with all the concerns it bore (see more at – but it is out for use.


Furthermore, in March, five EU-approved SR yards established the European Ship Recyclers group (ESR), joining hands for a more promising future. These yards are all EU-approved and are located all around. Port of Bordeaux (FR) and DDR (ES) represent Mediterranean, Galloo (BE) and Scheepssloperij (NE) are in the Northwest and Smedegarden (DEN) give the North Sea element. Continue reading “Denmark ratifies Hong Kong Ship Recycling Convention. But what is next?”


Wish you a Happy and prosperous New Year. May the New Year be a break-ship – errr, sorry – a breakthrough year. So, 2017 is here. And, obviously, 2016 is gone. So is the 31st of December. Hm, let me think, did I have something to wait that day? Oh yes, the List of EU-Approved Ship Recycling Facilities. In fact, it was published out a little bit earlier. On December 19th, to be exact. Along with that, certain changes came into force, shaping a bit the overall picture of Ship recycling Business. Maybe it would be good to share some thoughts. Continue reading “SHIP RECYCLING: BREAKING NEWS & LISTING THOUGHTS”

Ship Recycling in Med Sea: Scrapping Ships – Building Opportunities

So, here we are, amid 2016, with only 6 months remaining until the publishing of the EU-approved list of Ship Recycling Facilities, according to the 1257/2013 EU Regulation (SRR), which came to fill some ‘gaps’ of the 2009 Hong Kong Convention for the Environmentally Sound Recycling of the Ships. Someone would have anticipated that the list, in terms of Mediterranean located yards, would be dominated by the Turkish yards, at Aliaga, in Izmir. These yards, the last 15 years, have dealt – in their “own” ways and methods – with the dismantling of numerous end-of-life-vessels, deriving mostly from EU countries. Continue reading “Ship Recycling in Med Sea: Scrapping Ships – Building Opportunities”

Ship Recycling: An Upcoming Business or a Predetermined Industry? How EU will deal with the upcoming situation?

It is a common truth, in maritime circles, that one sector of great importance – in terms of Environmental Protection Services – is that of the Ship Recycling Industry. As you may know, this sector is growing steadily the past ten years. With yards of significant capacity located only in India, Turkey, China and Japan, Turkey is the only country, in Mediterranean Sea but also in wider European Region, that has developed a remarkable Ship Recycling Industry, based mostly in Aliaga, although – sometimes – dismantling might be carried out in a disputable way. Continue reading “Ship Recycling: An Upcoming Business or a Predetermined Industry? How EU will deal with the upcoming situation?”